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Oct 10

TEXTILE EXCHANGE Sustainable Textiles Conference

I’m still like a humming bird on crack.  The conference was monumental.  The transition of OE to TE  broadens the mission to include all Sustainable Materials. TE’s Multi Stake holder platform facilitates relationships which build transparency, connectivity and community.   I am still digesting much of what I learned and planning my follow up for keeping  both dialog and collaboration moving forward.  Time on my bike & my mat this weekend will slow me down so I/we can pull the pieces together.
A special seminar was added on the EWG of the OIA  Cooperative Brands and other partners have come together over the past 4 years to create a product driven tool based on 5 key principles:  Collaboration, Open Source, Transparency , Scalability,  Global Reach.  Chris Turner said “The flights of the Human mind are not from Pleasure to Pleasure but from Hope to Hope”.  EWG and TE incite this in us.   The SHIFT has happened and it is fuel for the work that Anthony and I do with our brand.

Apr 09

see us on SAPPHIRE WHISPER online magazine

One of the many outstanding qualities of eco friendly fashion is the innovative use of materials, taking what we would not expect to use or reuse to make lovely and earth friendly designs. It’s outstanding to me the way designers apply themselves to the challenge of revamping clothing production to embrace eco friendly practices. Their work is paving the way for future generations and I believe that this innovation of today will slowly make its way into becoming the norm. These pioneers have that amazing ability to approach things from a new perspective, embracing our technology to explore and evolve. Utilizing the positive aspects of our technological capabilities, RESTORE is one inspiring example for our future possibilities in which technology and the earth can walk hand in hand towards a progressive future…

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