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Sep 09

We are getting excited for NOW SHOWCASE and loved finding this write up! Please to see the SUST Van and Sustainability Across America Tour!

Eco-Designers Put Aside Ego

September 1, 2009 at 8:00 am by Amy DuFault

I love that

designers are creating new road rules.

WWD recently printed a study saying a Mintel survey of 2,500 adults found that 54 percent said they would buy more . The report concluded that even in a period of reduced consumer spending, competitively priced green merchandise may do well because it stands out. Still, sustainably-focused designers realize they’re not exempt from the recession. And in an eco-pool so full of talent and expertise, is there really room for everyone to survive?

A handful of

designers have some amazing takes on making their lines not only stand out but thrive.

We’ve written recently about Sustainability Across America and their cross-country drive to inspire and be inspired by the green community. Other new collaborations in the sustainable design world keep popping up, as well, like the NOW Showcase this September 20-21 in New York City as well as Content 09 October 18th in Portland, Oregon.

The NOW Showcase will feature 20 eco-designers in thelab, an integrated production studio and sustainable space powered by wind energy from upstate New York. The Now venue will feature a well-appointed collective of womens’ and menswear, accessories, organic body care and lingerie for wholesale viewings.

These men and women are opting for more transparent marketing targeting loyal buyers and lovers of their lines, reacquainting them on a more personal level.

For its inaugural CONTENT 09 event, 31 of Portland’s finest independent clothing and accessory

designers will inhabit 28 rooms in the city’s Ace Hotel. Attendees will explore at their leisure while enjoying live music, libations, art installations and more. Founding group How We Develop intends on expanding CONTENT annually, with hopes to include the best national independents under one roof. Both venues will provide to buyers the ability for more personalized, one-on-one time with the

and their Spring/Summer 2010 lines.

The natives are getting restless with the same old, same old. They have aggressive ideas that go beyond finding safety in three-season color palettes and cuts.

And we can be inspired to see egos put aside as

designers embrace the reality that a powerful sustainable design market requires more than an organic cotton or bamboo tag.

Aug 09

“Sustainability Across America” is a nationwide tour to promote meaningful Green dialogue fueled by the synergy of collaboration & Eco fashion


NEW YORK, NY (July 30, 2009)— A number of eco friendly companies have joined SUST in an effort to promote sustainability concepts to all of America. RESTORE® CLOTHING is honored that SUST has invited them to join them and others on this journey. This collaboration has launched an educational platform known as the Sustainability Across America Tour, which is an all out effort to champion the sustainability movement in our country. Harnessing both sustainability experts and retail stores across the country, the Sustainability Across America team will conduct interviews, record video, and broadcast the tour to the world via Social Media (Facebook teamSUSTAINABLE, Twitter teamSUSTAINABLE , and, Sustainability Across America Blog ) all with the intent to educate and elevate to the best practices in the Green movement.
Anthony Lilore, Co-Founder of RESTORE® CLOTHING comments “This is a unique and wonderful opportunity for us as a new brand to collaborate with some of the brightest beacons in the industry on an educational tour that can and will change the minds of individuals around the nation for the betterment of the whole.” Originally this was the brainchild of Kevin Baum, CEO of SUST who says, “…Despite what some may think, collaborating with other Eco fashion designers on this tour isn’t competition, it is solidarity.”
Modern day journalist, Laura Jones, will venture on the 3-month road tour all over the USA. The tour will include visits to many of the nation’s metropolitan areas as well as the most beautiful national parks and monuments. The Sustainability Across America tour is meant to encourage and inspire a wave on new grassroots growth in the sustainability movement, as well as to gather and document American perceptions about being green, sustainable, and organic. We are so excited by the opportunity for us all to connect on what might be the most important topic for generations to come, and Laura Jones knows just how to document this historic journey for America to see. She has all the social media tools at her fingertips making it so simple to share experiences and interviews right as they occur. Followers can interact and view everything surrounding the sustainability movement directly from the field.
Drivers and passers-by will have no trouble spotting the Sustainability Across America vehicle, as the team will be driving an easily recognizable Volkswagen EuroVan emblazoned with logos from a band of ECO companies sponsoring this effort –cmarchuska , ecosalon, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Indigenous fair trade + organic, RESTORE® CLOTHING, Ryann, and SUST.

Laura’s trip began last week in the San Francisco Bay Area and is extending to the Northwest before traversing the country to the far North East of Maine.  She and her crew will then head down the eastern seaboard to Florida before heading back home through the South East and South West states.  Each and every company will continue to support the journey from start to finish.
RESTORE® CLOTHING – RESTORE is an acronym: Responsible, Earth Friendly, Sustainable, Technological, Organic, Recycled, and Ergonomic. The brand name is exactly what it stands for…a collection of beautifully crafted performance and every day sportswear perfect for the active lifestyles of today’s socially responsible person.

Our line RESTORE® CLOTHING aims to bridge the gap between fashion, performance, and environmental friendliness, as it produces transitional apparel designed for activities such as yoga and Pilates but versatile enough to go from “work out to out after work”.

RESTORE® CLOTHING is available at many premium retail boutiques nationwide. To view our website or read more about our story, log onto