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Oct 11

The New Garment Center: Not Dead !

Not Dead !

That’s what I say.

New York City’s Garment Center is Not Dead !

It is simply at that part of the cycle. Spring. ReBirth.

Day to night and night to day, part of the ebb and flow, darkest before the dawn, these are termed clichés because of how frequently they are true.

This is New York. If you don’t like change, get out of the way of people who do because we can change it, for the better.

This is New York, people from around the world look to us for change (and dollars).

This is New York, people from around the world dream of some day coming here and making a better life for themselves and their families.

This is New York. People from around the world love us.

This is New York. People from around the world hate us.

This is New York.

We are better.

Not better than anybody else, just better today than we were yesterday.

This is New York. We inspire, innovate, change, adapt and emerge better.

Quick history.

Jobs, no not Steve, the other ones (that are gone).

Jobs in The Garment Industry and the industrial age of making things, built this great country with Jobs for Americans (and for the record, people in other countries too).

Jobs that created a middle class that spent the money they made on things that other Americans made.

Jobs that built homes on Main St. and businesses on Wall St. made this country strong and proud.

Occupy, Wall St., Main St. and “Every Street”.

Does the phrase “tear down that wall” have new meaning a few decades later?

Should we make T-shirts for a dollar? No.

Would you want to? Probably not, YET we do have to make things and we have to make them better. We do have to innovate, adapt and change with the technology that is allowing the world to change and we have to do that locally as well as globally.

Innovation and collaboration in the Garment Center of New York City are the hub around which all of these jobs are born. A new way to source materials, to make garments, to buy and sell fashion are ALL part of the New Garment Center. The New Garment Center that is at once a microcosm of the ailment and the cure. The interconnected nature of the neighborhood fosters collaborative designs and innovations and produces samples that are turned into Red Carpet designs that fuel fashion’s economic engine and the industries that feed off of it, globally. From fabric colors to lipstick colors, home colors and car designs, theater to TV to movies, the Garment Center breathes life into a world of industries and is the foundation of global empires.


Stand for something. Create something better, take back some of what has been given away (or more aptly, pimped) and Give Back Something Better, because this is New York City’s Garment Center We’re Better, Not Dead !



Feb 11

It’s Official – 11 Low Cost or Free Resources for Entrepreneurs

When our friend Erica of SAVE THE GARMENT CENTER asked if wecould recommend some resources for a friend of hers that is starting a non-apparel business, we thought we should take a page from our mentor and top blogger and we thought we should take a page from our mentor and top blogger Chris Brogan and turn our response into a post.   Reading and observing Chris has helped us navigate and understand both the etiquette and mechanics of inbound marketing and social media.

  • 1.  Recently, Chris has launched Kitchen table companies, an online community for entrepreneurs.  This would be an ideal place to find like-minded folks as well as accountability buddies.

  • 2. & 3. Last week, we had the great fortune to be inspired at a mentoring event hosted by the Tory Burch Foundation.  The foundation has been established to provide economic opportunities to women and their families in the United States.  The foundation has partnered with ACCION USA, a leading micro lender.  Tory, is a study in grace.

  • 4. & 5. For a comprehensive understanding on the framework of business and help with the dreaded business plan, the FAST TRACK Program by the Levin Institute is like a mini MBA.  For manufacturing and technology ITAC is a nonprofit consulting and training organization.

  • 6. Thanks to Sarah (from Jumpstart), we now know far more about the breadth and depth of the resources available at  The Science and Business Library. It is a premier public business library for both research and education.

  • 7. Ulas at The Small Business Development Center at Baruch College has been and continues to be a great sounding board and a reality check for us.  Find yourself an Ulas!

  • 8. For access to experienced professionals who are looking to explore new opportunities, JUMPSTART NYC at the Levin Institute has matched us with 3 candidates enabling us to benefit from the skills, wisdom, and experience of motivated professionals.   Thank you, Sarah, Betsy, and Laurie for the tools you have given us which will surely take us to a whole other level.

  • 9. We are particularly jazzed about the Sustainable Design Series at The Enterprise Center of the Fashion Institute of Technology.  They have a comprehensive and affordable curriculum across multiple disciplines.

  • 10. Check out the roster of “shear freakin’ brainiacs” at New York Entrepreneur Week. Go forth. Succeed.

  • 11. Last but not least, The New York Economic Development Corporation has a Center for Economic Transformation.  The NYEDC has launched more than 60 pilot initiatives to address four key components necessary for innovation:  Access to Capital,,Affordable Workspace, Support for Entrepreneurship and International Out reach.

 If you have additional resources you think we should know about, please Share the Wealth!
 Let us know if you benefit from any of the resources in this post, please let us know
 Look Great! Feel Great! Do Great! (a little help from your friends, at RESTORE Clothing)

Feb 11

5 Easy Steps for RESPONSIBLE Clothing Care

In Garment Lifecycle Analysis, nearly

70% of the impact comes from Garment Care.

1.  We recommend WASHing RESPONSIBLY Cold Water, Biodegradable Detergent, No Chlorine Bleach, Line Dry.  This will make your clothing last longer and cut down on laundry time.  Check out Project Laundry list for more in depth information.

2.  Lower your impact buy Buying  Better &  Buying  Less. Buy timeless silhouettes.

3.  Before making apparel purchases, consider the true cost of what you are buying.  What is it made from? Where was it made?  Who made it? Were they paid a living wage?

4.    Consider Buying Locally Made Product.  It creates jobs, keeps money in the local economy and reduces the need for excessive transportation.

5.   When you no longer want or need the clothing, please keep it out of the trash.  Nearly 7% of our Landfills are filled with textile waste.

Here are a few resources to help you.

Donate to Wearable Collections or the Salvation Army.

Go to Earth 911 and type in your zip code to find out where to recycle materials including textiles.

Dec 10

Alive and Well in the Garment Center, a mini-tour: Part III: Fashion Design Concepts

Part 1: Design Trust for Public Space: HERE

Part 2: R& C Apparel: HERE


The third stop on our tour of the Garment Center is Fashion Design Concepts.  While Samanta Cortes, designer and president was not available on our surprise visit, her sister Aimee was kind enough to show us around the studio.  If you are looking for amazing, couture-level details for your designs and/or things you have never even imagined, Fashion Design Concepts is certainly the place to go.  On their website they say they are oftened referred to as “the Lesage of America” and we completely agree.  Amazing talent, fast turn around time and unbelievable artisanship.  When given unimaginable deadlines they can work around the clock with their talented artisans coming in to work “night shifts” to complete the project.  While we were there we got to see a design-in-progress from start to finish:

The top image is the machine stitching the cording (which will become the edges) to the material but what you will see in the video below is that every single stitch is controlled by a man or woman working the machine.  Then the spirals are cut in to strips and that is what you can see hanging in the two middle photos.  And lastly (bottom), they are stitched in to a fabric likely to create voluminous 3-D spiral/ flowers on evening gowns.


And in action:

(If the video isn’t showing, please click HERE to view on YouTube!)


View more of their techniques HERE.


Alive and Well in the Garment Center could not be more appropriate.  In the city that never sleeps it’s comforting to know that some of the people staying up all night are creating Fashion Art that we may be lucky enough to wear some day.


Here’s to Fashion Design Concepts and a Happy Holiday Season.


Fashion Design Concepts is also on



Look Great.  Feel Great.  Do Great.

Nov 10

Proud Riverkeeper Retail Partner

We’re proud to be in good company on  Check out the other Riverkeeper Retail Partners and shop to support a great cause.

(Image taken from Riverkeeper Retail Partner Website.)


Look Great.  Feel Great.  Do Great.


Nov 10

Our 1% Goes to Riverkeeper, Here’s Why.

“20% of industrial fresh water pollution comes from textile treatment and dyeing.” – World Bank


That fact is enough to make anyone understand why Anthony & Céleste Lilore chose to donate their 1% for the Planet dollars to Riverkeeper.  However, there was so much more behind their decision.


How did you choose which organization to give your 1% to?


RESTORE™Clothing: We live along the Hudson River.  We see it everyday, we exercise by it, it is both our source of sanity in New York City and our connection to nature.  We were looking for a way to get engaged with the community, keeping in mind that we’re an indie start-up – we’re small.  Since we are part of an industry that adds to pollution, we wanted to do something to counteract that.  We identified an important cause (water pollution) and organization that was making a difference and began to volunteer for them – Riverkeeper.  Once we really got to know them and their initiatives, we knew we had the right fit.


Riverkeeper’s Mission Statement: “to protect the ecological integrity of the Hudson River and its tributaries, and to safeguard the drinking water supply of 9 million New Yorkers.  Riverkeeper is an independent, member-supported environmental organization founded on the premise that citizens themselves must roll up their sleeves to defend our waterways.”  The team and their volunteers work to stop polluters, protect river ecology, and safeguard drinking water.  They run a “Drink Tap Water” campaign and support policy solutions such as Clean Energy, Clean Water Protection and Flood Prevention Act, and the Clean Water Restoration Act of 2007.


- Read more about their campaigns here:



Help protect New York City’s drinking water today: DONATE


More about the Hudson River:

Check your Water Quality:

Riverkeeper on Facebook:

Riverkeeper on Twitter:


More about 1% For The Planet here:




Look Great.  Feel Great.  Do Great.


Mar 10

Sweating Green with Kathryn Ross-Nash

We’d like to thank Kathryn Ross-Nash, True Pilates, Gratz and Natural Fitness Products for making our first Wednesday Workout event so much fun! click here to see more photos.

Feb 10

Repreve® Recycled Polyester

To see how Repreve® Recycled Polyester is made visit us at Coterie booth #8650 February 21,22 & 23rd

Dec 09

People, Planet & Profit

RESTORE™CLOTHING is proud to craft clothing made from both Repreve Polyester and Repreve Nylon.  Thanks for watching this video to see the process.

Nov 09

The 2010 Green America National Green Pages are now available!

RESTORE™CLOTHING is a proud member of Green America, we are listed in the clothing section on page 100 from this great directory of products and services for people and the planet, along with other screened and approved green businesses.

Go check out the online version here greenpages if it’s green it’s in there!