Sep 11

RESTORE + Green America = Good Times

As a member of the Green Business Network, Céleste was asked to speak at a happy hour for local green business members hosted by Green America. Céleste asked me to help her prepare, so I told her to practice in the mirror and then we would record a version that we could look over, and then share with you…

It only took a couple of tries to get it right!

The evening was a huge success, and Céleste was thrilled to have been able to share about how instrumental Green America has been in our education and vetting process. There were some fantastic folks there including Joy Pierson and Bart Potenza of Candle 79, our dear friend Ajax Greene, PJ Stafford (Co-Founder of Green Irene), Diane Keefe (Producer at Green Festival), and Scott Luxor (Visual-Journalist.com). And of course, many thanks to the wonderful people at Green America, Denise Handler, Alix Davidson, Amy Genevieve Kozak, and Alissa Gravitz.


Aug 11

Madeline Comes to Fashion Camp and Teaches Us a Thing or Two

Jun 11

Donations! Fashion Delivers and Wearable Collections


After receiving a poignant email from Fashion Delivers regarding the recent devastating environmental disasters in the Southeastern states,  we felt a responsibility to do our part to help the people in need.

Fashion Delivers is an incredible organization dedicated to unifying the men’s and women’s apparel and home industries to donate new product in order to aid victims of disasters and individuals in need throughout the year.  For more information please visit: www.fashiondelivers.org.

Taking the opportunity to continue cleaning out our office, and to help a few more folks out, we donated 3 large bags of gently used clothing to  Wearable Collections.

Wearable Collections is a tremendous organization that has identified a problem: “386 million pounds of textiles enter the NYC waste stream annually, representing close to 6% of total waste.” And they came up with a solution: “Wearable Collections provides a no cost, turn-key solution to recycling clothing within residential buildings in NYC. We handle all the logistics from placement of bins and promotion within the buildings to scheduling weekly pick-ups.”  The benefit: “Through our established network we distribute your discarded clothing around the world to people who need it, enabling us to raise money for charitable organizations.”

Many thanks to these organizations for their hard work and dedication to making it easier for folks to make a difference.


May 11

Inspired Musings: Emily Zuzik (Zuzik Muse-ic)

Emily Zuzik in the Lacer Racer by RESTORE

A prolific singer/songwriter, rocker and sought-after collaborator, Emily Zuzik’s wide-ranging career has allowed her to shift fluidly from acoustic folk to alternative rock and everything in between. A fixture in the New York City music scene for nearly a decade, Zuzik is also a featured vocalist and co-writer of “The Low Hum,” off of Moby’s upcoming album Destroyed, out May 17th, 2011.

In honor of Emily’s feature on Moby’s upcoming album Destroyed, we decided to sit down for a quick chat with her about music and what she does to RESTORE. Read on for the Q&A.

RESTORE: What do you to do RESTORE?
Emily: If by RESTORE, you mean live more sustainably, then here’s what I do:
I compost.
I recycle.
I shop locally at the green market.
I buy and recycle clothing.
I bring a canvas bag to the grocery store and try to keep my coffee in a travel mug to eliminate paper waste. I wear my RESTORE clothing when I run, when I hit the gym, when I want to feel comfortable around the house, when I want to feel comfortable running errands and when I do yoga!

RESTORE: What are your Top 3 Eco Friendly Habits?
1) I turn off lights when I leave the room and unplug adapters from the wall when not in use.
2) I carry a canvas bag to the grocery store and try to eat local and organic only.
3) I compost my food scraps and donate them to the GrowNYC Compost collection (http://www.grownyc.org/compost).


…for more information about Emily Zuzik, her collaboration with Moby and her upcoming album, please visit: www.emilyzuzik.com


Album cover for Moby's Destroyed due out May 17th

May 11

How to Keep Up With Kick Ass Environmental Trends?


Last week our friends at Fashion Cloture interviewed us to be featured on their blog.  We really appreciated the outreach and wanted to highlight one of our favorite parts of the article.

Fashion Cloture asked us:

How can fashion designers stay updated on the latest environmental trends /sustainable manufacturing impacting the fashion industry? How can fashion designers get information about sustainable manufacturing practices?

We answered:

The approach needs to be more systemic.

Our top SIX resources include:


1. For Framework: Eco Working Index – Outdoor Industry Association

2. Must Read: ECO TEXTILE Magazine http://www.ecotextile.com/

3. Must Read: TEXTILE INSIGHT Magazine http://www.textileinsight.com/

4.  Education: Continuing FIT  Edu  SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CLASSES http://www.fitnyc.edu/7390.asp

5.  For Community: ETHICAL FASHION FORUM http://www.ethicalfashionforum.com/ SUSTAINABLE DESIGNERS http://www.sustainabledesigners.org/

6. For Fabric Sourcing: SOURCE4STYLE http://source4style.com/

Fashion Center BID kiosk on 7th Ave and 39th Street or http://www.fashioncenter.com/

To read the whole blog please visit: http://fashioncloture.blogspot.com/

Also be sure to follow Fashion Cloture on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/FashionCloture

And Like the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fashion-Cloture/189310417755832

Apr 11

Earthing for Earth Day 2011

EARTHING.  Go ahead, look it up.  Really.

It is a way of connecting your body directly to the Earth.

EARTHING, On Earth Day.  We‘re going to start the day by standing barefoot in the grass for 30 minutes, or maybe doing “dirtyoga,” or “dirting”, as we call it.  At the very least, this simple grounding exercise will allow us reflect and practice gratitude.  Who knows?? Earthing may be the most important health discovery ever.

We’re proud to be part of it.

To learn more visit http://www.earthinginstitute.net/ &


(Thanks to www.barefoot-healthy-blog.com and www.dancinginbarefeet.com/p/bliss-list.html for photos.)

Apr 11

Meet Sexy Mitch…

It is our great honor to introduce you to our new right-hand-man, and RESTORE team member: Sexy Mitch. He cares about the environment, like his clothes to be versatile and stylish, and he’s not bad on the eyes either…

Mar 11

The Best Coconut Bra You’ve Ever Worn…

Just finished making a video for our friends at GlobalFashionBrands.com featuring our designer Anthony Lilore!  Be sure to check it out! In celebration of earth month, GlobalFashionBrands has created an online pop-up store dedicated to ethical fashion, and they’ve asked us to be a part of it.  Thanks to Nolcha and GFB for this opportunity!
 Also want to thank our friend, the fantastic mixed-media artist Nikolas Kazoura for permission to use his music.

  • Look Great.  Feel Great.  Do Great.

    Feb 11

    It’s Official – 11 Low Cost or Free Resources for Entrepreneurs

    When our friend Erica of SAVE THE GARMENT CENTER asked if wecould recommend some resources for a friend of hers that is starting a non-apparel business, we thought we should take a page from our mentor and top blogger and we thought we should take a page from our mentor and top blogger Chris Brogan and turn our response into a post.   Reading and observing Chris has helped us navigate and understand both the etiquette and mechanics of inbound marketing and social media.

    • 1.  Recently, Chris has launched Kitchen table companies, an online community for entrepreneurs.  This would be an ideal place to find like-minded folks as well as accountability buddies.

    • 2. & 3. Last week, we had the great fortune to be inspired at a mentoring event hosted by the Tory Burch Foundation.  The foundation has been established to provide economic opportunities to women and their families in the United States.  The foundation has partnered with ACCION USA, a leading micro lender.  Tory, is a study in grace.

    • 4. & 5. For a comprehensive understanding on the framework of business and help with the dreaded business plan, the FAST TRACK Program by the Levin Institute is like a mini MBA.  For manufacturing and technology ITAC is a nonprofit consulting and training organization.

    • 6. Thanks to Sarah (from Jumpstart), we now know far more about the breadth and depth of the resources available at  The Science and Business Library. It is a premier public business library for both research and education.

    • 7. Ulas at The Small Business Development Center at Baruch College has been and continues to be a great sounding board and a reality check for us.  Find yourself an Ulas!

    • 8. For access to experienced professionals who are looking to explore new opportunities, JUMPSTART NYC at the Levin Institute has matched us with 3 candidates enabling us to benefit from the skills, wisdom, and experience of motivated professionals.   Thank you, Sarah, Betsy, and Laurie for the tools you have given us which will surely take us to a whole other level.

    • 9. We are particularly jazzed about the Sustainable Design Series at The Enterprise Center of the Fashion Institute of Technology.  They have a comprehensive and affordable curriculum across multiple disciplines.

    • 10. Check out the roster of “shear freakin’ brainiacs” at New York Entrepreneur Week. Go forth. Succeed.

    • 11. Last but not least, The New York Economic Development Corporation has a Center for Economic Transformation.  The NYEDC has launched more than 60 pilot initiatives to address four key components necessary for innovation:  Access to Capital,,Affordable Workspace, Support for Entrepreneurship and International Out reach.

     If you have additional resources you think we should know about, please Share the Wealth!
     Let us know if you benefit from any of the resources in this post, please let us know
     Look Great! Feel Great! Do Great! (a little help from your friends, at RESTORE Clothing)

    Dec 10

    Alive and Well in the Garment Center, a mini-tour: Part IV: Yeohlee Teng

    Part 1: Design Trust for Public Space: HERE

    Part 2: R& C Apparel: HERE

    Part 3: Fashion Design Concepts: HERE


    We were lucky enough to discuss Made in Midtown with the incredible Yeohlee Teng in her amazing space in the Garment Center.  If you haven’t already been to her store at 25 W 38th Street, it is most definitely worth a making an effort to stop by.  Not only are her brilliant designs hanging for you to browse through (like a friendly museum and all you want to do is touch, touch, touch), and if you stand on the South-side of the street you can see her atelier above the store windows on the second floor.  Yeohlee is the first major designer in Manhattan to bring her shop (and process) right to the center of garment district in NYC.  (The New York Times has a great article just about the shop HERE.)

    (Inside looking out of Yeohlee Teng’s amazing new store)


    Ms. Teng voiced frustration that there is seemingly little in-depth knowledge or real appreciation of apparel manufacturing (and she feels the same about sustainability).  She said that Save the Garment Center is more about “re-envisioning the industry” and making a “viable future plan for people that don’t go to college.”  She made the comment “can’t Michelle [Obama] talk about where the clothes came from instead of the designer?”  It’s a great point.   She joked about the play on words, we should support “locally sewn” just as we do “locally grown and sown”.

    Further to that, “reap what you sew”!


    We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below or join us on Facebook and Twitter to continue the conversation (just use #madeinmidtown).