5 Easy Steps for RESPONSIBLE Clothing Care

In Garment Lifecycle Analysis, nearly

70% of the impact comes from Garment Care.

1.  We recommend WASHing RESPONSIBLY Cold Water, Biodegradable Detergent, No Chlorine Bleach, Line Dry.  This will make your clothing last longer and cut down on laundry time.  Check out Project Laundry list for more in depth information.

2.  Lower your impact buy Buying  Better &  Buying  Less. Buy timeless silhouettes.

3.  Before making apparel purchases, consider the true cost of what you are buying.  What is it made from? Where was it made?  Who made it? Were they paid a living wage?

4.    Consider Buying Locally Made Product.  It creates jobs, keeps money in the local economy and reduces the need for excessive transportation.

5.   When you no longer want or need the clothing, please keep it out of the trash.  Nearly 7% of our Landfills are filled with textile waste.

Here are a few resources to help you.

Donate to Wearable Collections or the Salvation Army.

Go to Earth 911 and type in your zip code to find out where to recycle materials including textiles.

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