Alive and Well in the Garment Center, a mini-tour: Part IV: Yeohlee Teng

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We were lucky enough to discuss Made in Midtown with the incredible Yeohlee Teng in her amazing space in the Garment Center.  If you haven’t already been to her store at 25 W 38th Street, it is most definitely worth a making an effort to stop by.  Not only are her brilliant designs hanging for you to browse through (like a friendly museum and all you want to do is touch, touch, touch), and if you stand on the South-side of the street you can see her atelier above the store windows on the second floor.  Yeohlee is the first major designer in Manhattan to bring her shop (and process) right to the center of garment district in NYC.  (The New York Times has a great article just about the shop HERE.)

(Inside looking out of Yeohlee Teng’s amazing new store)


Ms. Teng voiced frustration that there is seemingly little in-depth knowledge or real appreciation of apparel manufacturing (and she feels the same about sustainability).  She said that Save the Garment Center is more about “re-envisioning the industry” and making a “viable future plan for people that don’t go to college.”  She made the comment “can’t Michelle [Obama] talk about where the clothes came from instead of the designer?”  It’s a great point.   She joked about the play on words, we should support “locally sewn” just as we do “locally grown and sown”.

Further to that, “reap what you sew”!


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