July, 2009

Jul 09

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Restore® Sustainable Clothing: Stylish, High Performance & Responsible

restoreAs fashion industry veterans, long time New York City residents and devoted environmentalists, Anthony and Celeste Lilore understood firsthand the needs of modern, urban dwellers to have crossover clothing that blends functionality, fashion and responsible production.

With a clear pioneering vision in mind, this husband and wife team launched RESTORE® CLOTHING to produce timeless, eco-friendly active wear collections with the heart and soul only a conscious business can.

One year after their launch, Restore® has been named one of the top innovators in the apparel industry and has proven sustainable clothing can be luxurious, versatile and a success!

Sustainable Clothing:  Fashionably Caring for our Environment

The Restore® acronym stands for “Responsible, Earth Friendly, Sustainable, Technological, Organic, Recycled and Ergonomic”, a name that represents the standards and innovation they stand for.  And while it may seem that every one is going “eco” now a days, as their name suggests, the Lilore’s have gone where few have gone before in terms of sustainability and functionality.

Firstly, nothing in Restore® sustainable clothing has been used without careful consideration of the environment.  And although some of these fabrics practically sound science fiction, their products are luxurious, sustainable and oozing with sustainable comfort.

The fabrics range from organic cotton and Repreve® nylon made from recycled fabrics and water bottles to lining made of Cocona®, an activated carbon made from the shells of coconuts! But they don’t stop there!  Their zippers come strictly from eco-conscious manufacturers, their hangtags are printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper with soy ink & their garments are shipped in biodegradable bags & recycled cardboard boxes.

Now that is a conscious business taking environmental responsibility to heart.

Sustainable Wear:  Crossover Clothing that Moves as You Do

The Lilore’s sense of care is not limited to the environment.  Their costumer is the other main aspect being considered on the design drawing board.

In addition to the extraordinary fabrics and timeless silhouettes of the Restore® lines, all of their sustainable clothing is designed, cut and manufactured for the “crossover” lifestyle.  From fashionable daywear to clothing ideal for fitness, yoga or the spa, this truly is clothing that can be worn from working out to going out after work.

This crossover capacity may seem hard to believe but Anthony Lilore, who has previously designed for brands such a Club Monaco and Perry Ellis, has mastered the art of the crossover look.  One peek at their lines and you quickly see how easy he has made this seem.

Sustainable is good when it comes to conscious business.  And when it comes to Restore®, sustainable refers more than just to the preservation of the environment.  With crossover wear such as this, it is also sustainable to the client’s lifestyle, time and clothing budgets!

Green Pioneers Transform the Fashion Industry

Always seeking better options for green garment production, the Lilore’s began to use synthetic yarns by Unify made of 100% of recycled materials.  Seeing the possibilities and potential ecological impact of such eco-friendly fabric, they were highly influential in persuading Unify to further develop their recycled yarns.  As a result, Unify has developed a new line of nylon named Repreve set to come out this summer.

The production of such fabric offsets the need to produce new polyester and nylon, reducing the use of petroleum-based resources.  They estimate that the current annual product of Repreve will conserve close to the equivalent of 6 million gallons of gas.

The Restore® Bottom Line

From their pioneering use of fabrics to their innovative crossover designs, the Restore® sustainable clothing line is showing us the kind of out of the box thinking that make for a successful conscious business.  More so, Restore® has shown us the power of innovation and vision and how one company, one couple and a committed heart-centered mission can change a whole industry and benefit our whole world.

from: blog.bizlightenment.com

Jul 09


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